Fire Prevention Jobs

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Fire Protection and Prevention Careers

Fire protection and prevention is essential in everyday life. There are strict building codes to help keep people safe and minimize damage. If fire safety interests you on a nearly cellular level, you might consider a career in the industry. There are a variety of career options. Some require schooling while others simply require a little experience. Take a look at these possible careers regarding fire safety and prevention.

A few fire-related job choices

Engineer / Sprinkler Technician

A fire prevention and protection engineer is a technician who creates fire detection and prevention systems for buildings. These engineers use math and natural science to map out pipes and systems for sprinklers to detect smoke and flame and put out fires. A fire sprinkler repair technician is thoroughly trained in servicing and repairing these vital systems in public, commercial, and residential buildings.

Firefighters / Rescue Paramedics

A firefighter is a person who responds to fire alarms and emergency calls. Firefighters must be in great physical condition in order to quickly put on their gear and access all sorts of areas in a building. Firefighters are carefully trained on fire science and how to help others in an emergency. Some firefighters also train to become paramedics or emergency medical technicians.

Fire Inspector / Investigator

Fire inspectors and investigators have two main roles: to inspect buildings to make sure they are fire code compliant and to investigate the cause of fires. There is also a career option as a forest fire prevention specialist or inspector, who watches for forest fires and tries to prevent them through strategic cutting and awareness programs. Forest fire inspectors also alert firefighters when a forest fire occurs.

Choosing the right fire career for you

You only need a high school diploma to become a firefighter, and to become an inspector, you need experience as a firefighter. Careers as an investigator, engineer, or technician may also require a college degree and extensive training. The pay for each job often depends on schooling and experience, but if you want a job preventing and fighting fires, these are some of the best options available.